Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A big box of pleasant surprise from Fabric Mart!

I've received my Fabric Mart purchase earlier today. I was very excited about the giant box of fabric, but now I have some concerns about how I can properly store all of them in my little drawer...
Check out that lovely lace fabric <3
The fabric that I've ordered are shown on the left column of the photo above. From top to bottom:
  • BMC907 Shetland Wool Watermelon Rose 60" Wide
  • BUB953 Lining navy 44" Wide
  • BUB952 Stretch cotton espresso and white stripes 50" Wide
  • CPB601 Navy twill weave with embroidered scalloped border 61" Wide
I am planning to make a Spring/Fall jacket out of the wool. It would pair nicely with my Angelic Pretty Classic Melody JSK.

I don't have any plans on how I'd use the striped espresso fabric yet, but I felt like I had to order it for some reason. Suggestions are welcome!
Marguerite JSK (Mary Magdalene)
I cannot wait to work on the scalloped border twill weave! It inspired me to make something similar to Mary Magdalene's Marguerite JSK. What do you think?

This is the first time I've ordered assorted fabric bundles (I'm tempted to just call them lucky packs) so I was quite nervous about what I'd get. I've ordered two 10-yard bundles at $15 each. I'm pleasantly surprised at the assortment, though! The 1 1/2~3-yard cuts are the perfect amount for garments.

Contents of the assorted fabric packs
Unfortunately, not all of the assorted fabric bag are labeled with what they are. All of them have the yardage indicated, though. If I'm more experienced, I'd probably be able to identify them better.

I'm not sure what the top left white fabric is, but it is labeled "silk+(unreadable scribble)". It is quite structured with knobby (I don't even know if that makes any sense) texture.

I wonder what I can make with the black x white striped stretchy fabric. I'm assuming that it's lycra, but my newbie assumptions cannot be trusted. 

The 2 stacks of finely striped fabric are one of the two duplicates in the 2 fabric assortment bundles that I've purchased. They are not labeled, but they feel somewhat stretchy. The contrast in the stripes are rather dizzying, so I doubt that I will sew an entire dress out of just this fabric. It might be a good thing to use in moderate quantities in a garment, though.  

The patterned green silk cotton feels amazing to the touch. I think it can make a pretty drapey dress/skirt. It's easily my favorite of the bundle. It makes me think of this Victorian Maiden British Check skirt:
British Check Skirt (Victorian Maiden)

I don't know what the moss-green fabric on the right column is, but it feels very soft and creamy. I have offered it to my green-loving friend for her Spring project. 

The 2 stacks of dark gray fabric in the bottom row are labeled "worsted wool". According to the internets, it seems like a very versatile fabric that is good for vests, pleated skirts and suits. It is also very wrinkle-resistant. It seems like something that is dry-clean only. I wonder if it's alright to hand wash this fabric with Woolite...

I am very pleased with my purchase and I can't wait to use them in my projects! Did you buy any fun fabrics during the Christmas/New Year's sale period? Do share!

On a side note, this paisley cotton/silk they have on sale now is beautiful! I'll try to ignore it for now, though.. :"(